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Welcome to our interactive magazine that offers a variety of articles on wilderness skills, nature studies, and outdoor learning activities for students of all ages. We also feature a large home school help section, and many exciting family project ideas. Here at the Wilderness School we follow the seasons. There’s lots to choose from, so scroll on down, click on something that interests you, and enjoy.

Feature Article: 
Around the World... Alone

   by Jessica Miller (essay writer at Essaywriting.Expert)

 Josh Clark from Panama, Zac Sunderland of Southern California, and Michael Perham from England all shared the same dream when they set sail in 2008 for the open ocean…


Regular Columns

In This Issue

Encounter with a Cobra

I might have slept some four or five hours, and a dreamless and satisfying sleep it was. But I am certain --let skeptics say what they will -- that, before I awoke, I had a visible perception of peril--a consciousness of the hovering presence of death! The only way to describe it is that an inward ability to detect a nearby presence of danger was given to me. Because even though blinded by sleep...


A Family Thing selection  

with Dave Graham

Who Needs A Canoe?

The best vacations are the ones we plan well and start in the winter.  This year -- the summer of '08 -- our sights are set on a trip to Yellowstone, where we can experience, first-hand, some of the most spectacular scenery in the country.  One of the highlights will be to paddle a canoe down a portion of a nearby river Lewis and Clark explored in 1805.  It will be a canoe we have built ourselves...


An Ask the Gear Guy selection

by Jason Graham

Put Your Jacket On!

Ever wonder what the big deal is? Why was Mom always yelling at us to put our jackets on? They slowed us down and made us look silly (even though a runny nose never got us into the "in-crowd" either). Anyway, lets see if we can shed some light on the subject.  There are all sorts of interesting facts about how the body loses heat in the wind and rain...


with Dr. Jon Way

Living With Coyotes

Most people are afraid of coyotes. They run in packs, howl eerily at the moon, and are meat eaters. Their intelligence is legendary. They have never been on an endangered species list because they have always been considered pests that need to be kept under control. There are no states in which you can not hunt coyotes, and some places even offer bounties on them...


Getting Nature Knowledge

with Dave Graham

Fun in the Great Outdoors

My wife and I were having a wonderful experience wandering on a trail in the foothills of the San Diego mountains, close to the Mexican border. We had seen signs that several interesting large mammals had been in the area; coyote, and bobcat, and had been watching beautiful woodpeckers skirting from tree to tree. All of a sudden, the woods became quiet, and all signs of the wildlife disappeared...


Coming Next...

Adventures in the 
Great Outdoors

 Bird Stalking
It's great fun but not everyone can do it.  Here's advice from some famous bird stalkers who learned their tricks from... the birds.


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"Look deep, deep, deep into nature... then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein                                           

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