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Online Classes:

Read for Your Life Adventures

An interactive reading program to help students discover who they really are.

Build Your Own Canoe Class

Jump in any time.

Unique online curriculum supplement programs for
Science, History,
and Language Arts,
with an emphasis on literature  and the natural sciences.

      Our list includes a variety of free to fee-based programs designed to motivate and inspire students toward excellence and learning for life.  We incorporate real activities with real people so that students may better connect their education with their real world.  Participation with scientists in the field, teachers and librarians, and even all-out wilderness adventures for the entire family, E-School strives not only to utilize the modern technology of our information age, but also to offer vital keys that can help students unlock the doors to their own unique dreams for the future.

     Portions of all of our programs are regularly featured in the Wilderness School Magazine, and Wilderness Kids Club, and you are invited to sample, enjoy, and even share them with friends. 


I am a Wilderness Kid. Wilderness Kids donít just care about the wilderness, they do things about it.

I like to do things.

An interactive magazine where kids share their adventures with kids everywhere. Nature studies, outdoor activity ideas, and real kids' adventures.  This is also the home of "W.K." who shares his wildlife adventures in his weekly blog, "Journal of a Wilderness Kid."  Sponsored by the Wilderness School Institute.

Wilderness School Magazine

An interactive nature magazine that offers a variety of articles on wilderness skills, survival stories, nature studies, and outdoor learning activities for older students. Also includes exciting 
family project ideas

E-Books and Recommendations   


is sponsored by the Wilderness School Institute

where they 
"take learning back to nature."

Take a look at our  E-Book study units!  
Our current selection is:

An easy- to-understand reference guide for 
the computer desktop
that includes
fun interactive practice links
Whether you need help with sentences, paragraphs, essays, reports, or even stories,
Writing Rules! is formatted to make any assignment easier. 

visit our E-Books Page for more information.

When it comes to math...
Do You have a missing student?

Here is a book that helps kids who don't like math GET OVER IT!  Use it as a curriculum supplement and it will energize your brain. Sort of like vitamins. But watch out -- there are some tricks in here you might wish they never picked up!

Click on the link to peek inside... we dare you.

For more educational books click here.


"Look deep, deep, deep into nature... then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein                                           

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