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A one-of-a-kind amazing event for all ages! 

The Wilderness School Institute is proud to present

brought to you by The Expedition Company .  This exciting event is perfect for family camps, summer camps, conferences, or even company seminars.  Our team of experts will set up a confidence course customized for your very own program that utilizes either private grounds or state park facilities.  The course includes a full curriculum for a one, two, or three day event that takes the participants step-by-step through a fun-filled outdoor adventure.

More than a competition… 

Everyone is part of a team in which each person has a role.  Captain, Navigator, Soldier, Counselor, Athlete, Scientist; all have a job to perform for their team in order to reach the finish line.  Along the way there are numerous pitfalls to avoid, puzzles to solve and clues to unravel in order to advance.  There are battlegrounds.  Travel might include boats, vehicles, or even horses.  But the main source of power – and the most important – comes from pooling the character and intelligence of each individual into a resource for the entire team… and the best team always wins .

What you get…    

¨   All course equipment including vehicles and livestock are provided. 

¨    Individual equipment as needed for each person is provided (which will vary according to the role each individual chooses to play) along with instruction packets.  

¨   A parent/teacher instruction guide that also includes an orientation meeting schedule so that teams and leaders may be chosen before the actual event. 

¨   Trained “Adventure Guides” who will move throughout the course during the race to maintain safety and supervision.

¨       All the best that comes to people who participate in a grand adventure. 

What it costs… 

The Great Race is scheduled by reservation only.  There is a $500 setup fee per team and $25 per person per day (programs available for 1 or 2 day races).  50% is due on booking and the remainder is due one week prior to the event.  A  $50 non-refundable registration fee per team is required to reserve a place in the race, and includes orientation materials.  Your team will also be assigned an Adventure Guide at that time.  We require a thirty-day lead time for preparation and travel arrangements. Dates are on a “first come first serve” basis.  

  The Great Race is sponsored by the Wilderness School Institute.  You can learn more about us by visiting the About Us  page right here on the web site.   Or drop us an email at support@wilderness-school.us and we will be happy to answer any questions.  If you would like to have the Great Race come to a location near you, let us hear from you… 

And let the adventure begin.    

Dave Graham



will be bringing


            to Texas!               
            in the Fall of 2008 

For time and location information, please enter your 
email address in the box below:

Registration is open for team entries (10 members per team) until two weeks prior to the event. Teams may register online for a 
reservation fee of $50 per team.




Name (of company, organization, or individual group)  

Name of contact person  

Phone   Email  

Number of teams you would like to enter

 Registration fee is $50 per team

Choose the race days you would like to be entered in:


Race will be held during Fall 2008 
(exact dates to be announced)



of prizes for The Great Race will receive free advertising on all promotional materials for the event, as well as a banner or flag at the staging area to display their company name or logo.  A limited number of concessions will be approved for the grandstand area of the final race.  Interested companies may include the name and number of the appropriate contact person below, and a representative of
The Wilderness School will get in touch with you.


Name Phone



"Look deep, deep, deep into nature... then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein                                           

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