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The Expedition Company is the most exciting branch of the Wilderness School. This is where we organize the teams that go into places all over the country to film wildlife and host special events. From our one of a kind summer schools that cover three different terrains every year, all the way up to the
Great Race, the Expedition Company maintains ongoing field projects that are not only fun, but important. How can we do this? Our staff live in various locations throughout the country, and travel to the state parks and public recreation areas where most of our activities are held.  Have a suggestion for a specific project or area?  If there is enough interest, we will make it happen.

The Expedition Company is also where students get opportunities to interact with other field professionals. In becoming part of a professional team, they are able to learn what really goes on in the field as well as to make a real contribution to a particular field study themselves.  Each event is monitored by Wilderness School staff, and carried out in cooperation with individual learning programs that are already in place in various areas. Many of our team positions require the completion of training courses that enable the students to competently carry out their assigned tasks for upcoming events.




Manning wildlife observation posts and filming the giant river muskrats in Bugaboo Canyon, Oklahoma.






Boating down the Yukon River in Alaska.  Camping, survival skills, and wildlife photography.  






Manning wildlife observation posts and filming animals, such as this herd of Caribou, crossing an Alaska River.






A one of a kind summer school that lets you be a part of filming a wildlife documentary.  Each three week session includes camping, field studies, and a place on a team that will explore amazing habitats and animal behaviors.



Learn how to find your way in the woods, track wildlife, and set up a base camp.  Become a member of a film crew and participate in the collection of data that will be used by real scientists in real laboratories.





Find out what it's like to handle a boat, set up a blind, or sleep under the stars.  Take home skills that you will be able to use and enjoy for the rest of your life, and meet people who enjoy doing the same things.

There has never been a summer school like this before.


What you get...

Each three week summer school session includes all camping and field equipment, study materials, and meals. Depending on which position you are interested in, the course also includes pre-session training material and counseling with a Wilderness School staff member. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the end of each session that may be turned into your regular school for class credits.


What it costs...

Each three week summer school session is available for $600 per student. This does not include transportation to or from the various locations, although The Wilderness School will be happy to make travel arrangements for those who require this extra service.  A non-refundable registration fee of $50 (deductible from the tuition) is also required for processing and to reserve each student's position on a team.  Registration for each session will close two weeks prior to the first day.

You can receive a registration packet by sending an email to:

and let the adventure begin...



"Look deep, deep, deep into nature... then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein                                           

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