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Here are some of the skills that have helped people survive down through the generations. They still work, and you can never tell when one might come in handy!

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How to Make an Instant Hammock


There are lots of different kinds of hammocks, from elaborate rope-braided models with wooden bars at the ends so that they don't fold in on themselves, all the way down to tricks on turning your poncho into one in an emergency. We liked this particular version because it is fast and easy, can be made out of what you have on hand, and you can stuff it into a backpack for another time. The instructions are clear, and the video demonstration was great.

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Other Wilderness Skills

How to build a campfire

There are lots of different ways to build a campfire. Here's some great directions that are easy to follow. There is even a short video to watch if you scroll all the way down.

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How to build a shelter

Find out how to build a shelter for many different situations. Great information, great videos from a lot of interesting people...


How to use a compass

This first step in becoming an explorer is to learn how to read and use a compass. There are many types of compasses. This will get you started


Tom Brown's Field Guide to
Nature Observation and Tracking

If you are really serious about learning more wilderness skills, here is one of the best sources we know of. Written by one of America's foremost authorities on the natural world and designed for beginners and experienced explorers, alike.

Click on the picture to see what people are saying about it, and why it has become so famous.

Ages 10 and up

Here's another book packed with exciting, daring and even life-saving skills that introduce the amazing world of wilderness adventure and survival.

The Boy's Book of Outdoor Survival
by Chris McNab

:  . Learn things like how to start a campfire, build a shelter, forage for food, find water, track animals, set traps, spot poisonous snakes, escape a bear attack, or even navigate by the stars.

With detailed instructions and colorful illustrations, it brings to life the great American wilderness while showing boys how to bravely overcome its challenges.

Because knowledge is power.

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"Look deep, deep, deep into nature... then you will understand everything better."

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