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Wilderness Kids Club for homeschoolers?

Yes!  Besides bringing you our features on wildlife and learning about nature that you can use as supplemental curriculum, WKC is sponsored by E-School, that provides the following free home school helpers... 


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Jules Verne


What is a Weekly Reading Adventure?.  
     Well, itís more than just reading a chapter a week here at E-school and then talking about it with others.  It is also more than the history, science, literature and language arts that a book must contain in order to qualify to be on our adventure list.  A book on this special list must also have survival secrets.  Lots of them.   But it doesnít stop there, either.  When we find one of these treasures...



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around the world at 
the same time! 
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A basic writing reference guide for computer desktops that includes fun interactive practice links. 

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Wilderness School Magazine


An interactive nature magazine that offers a variety of articles on wilderness skills, survival stories, nature studies, and outdoor learning activities for older students. Also includes exciting 
family project ideas

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