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Whoever was stealing snacks out of our observation outpost did not show up. We sprinkled flour on the floor, and then Buddy and I took turns standing watch all night long. It was the longest night in history! And the only footprint we got was when Uncle Joe woke up and hollered, “Who made this mess all over the floor?” after he stepped in it. He said no wild animal would come around with all of us there because the people smell was too strong.

Then he agreed to come back next week and show us some old Indian tricks on how to track wildlife.  There’s only one hitch: we can’t bring any snacks, or sleeping bags, or any other kind of camping equipment. Only the clothes on our backs, and one important item of our choice. Sheesh – what are we gonna do – stay up and run around in the woods all night? What if
something happens?

This calls for an emergency meeting with the Wilderness ExpertSeems I remember he was telling somebody named
Dan about some kind of
survival manual for kids.

And we’re going to need it!


Hey -- I love Christmas! This year, my list is going to really surprise my parents because I'm asking for a wilderness Christmas.  Wait 'til they find out what that is. Heh, heh, heh...

I'll tell you more about it next time.

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OK. To whoever said I should make more blogs --
I'll work on it!


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