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Nature is everywhere!

See if you can find some of these things happening outside around your house right now.


Signs of Fall


Changing Leaves: At this time of year, the sap stops flowing to leaf stems, which makes the leaves change colors.  There are three main colors in leaves: green yellow, and red.  The green disappears first, leaving only yellow, reds and oranges, behind.  Not long afterward... the leaves fall away completely.

Birds Flying South: Flocks of birds are flying south to warmer weather.  Some of them travel thousands of miles, and others simply move short distances.  Some stay right where they are.  But if you look carefully, you will see "V" formations heading south.  If they are not heading south, they are just practicing before the big trip!

Busy Squirrels: These hard workers have to make winter nests, and stash away enough food (usually nuts and dried mushrooms, fruit, etc.) to make it through the whole winter.  They bury stashes in many different locations, and  always remember exactly where they put them.  

Pretty amazing.

When you see these things you know Fall is here.


Nature Tip...

You can see a lot more outside if you are QUIET.


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