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About Us

Wilderness School Institute is a non-profit organization that was created to promote education and entertainment in the Great Outdoors. Its divisions include:

The Wilderness School, an interactive online magazine featuring many in-depth articles for outdoor activity ideas, home and classroom enrichment, articles by field experts, and real-life kids' adventures.

Wilderness Kids Club, an interactive online magazine with activities and articles geared to younger children.

E-School, offers educational courses and supplements that utilize our motivational training methods based on interactive, high-level interest material designed around personal interests, as opposed to age groups.  Its many programs (ranging from free to fee-based) include curriculum resources, individual supplement units, online classes taught by Wilderness School staff, teacher training, and behavioral counseling.  Includes an online E-Library.

The Expedition Company is a group of adventure teams that sponsor such outdoor activities as camping, wildlife observation studies, summer schools, and our unique traveling extravaganza called the Great Race, which is available (by reservation) to groups throughout the U.S.

The Boat Works is our "hands-on" marine division that includes boat building, sailing and canoe clubs, and participation in marine-based Christian outreach ministries that operate throughout the world.

Meet our staff...

Dave Graham
Founder and Administrator



Dave is a graduate of the University of Nevada and has had extensive training in the behavioral sciences in a program developed through the University of Kansas and Boys’ Town. He has worked for many years in the educational field, both in public and private schools, and with state and federal agencies in programs for troubled youth.  

His development of a curriculum that utilizes a unique combination of the natural sciences and fine arts has proven effective in many schools on the west coast.  His love of the outdoors and children has led him to the belief that the natural world has natural appeal to the nature of children, and that they can become better citizens of that world if they have a better understanding of their place in it.    

For Dave, the phrase, “taking learning back to Nature” means more than just wilderness studies.  It means molding the learning process to conform to the nature of the child, and realizing that every child is unique, and has a unique place to fulfill in the world.   


Ann Graham

Wilderness School Press

Ann edits our web pages, and is also a columnist and feature writer for west coast magazines and newspapers.  She has a background in elementary education, and has developed a successful behavior program for classroom management.  She is the author of THE NATURE OF CHILDREN, a manual that works with the nature of children instead of against it, and THE KIDNAPPING OF MARY, a novel for young adults.

Jason Graham
Wilderness Expert

Jason is a member of the US Coast Guard, has worked in search and rescue out of Westport, Washington, and is now stationed in San Francisco.  He is our expert in mountain climbing and rafting, and also in teaching individuals how to work together to become a more effective team.

Kimarie Graham
Assistant Editor
Wilderness School Press

Besides working in our publishing program, Kimarie is also an avid outdoor enthusiast.  She has organized large outdoor events, enjoys camping, water sports and orienteering.  She is married to Jason, and they have three sons.

Dave Graham

Adventure Guide

Dave is a former ski instructor and  currently works as a respiratory therapist in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Also a member of the US Army Reserve where he has just returned from a tour of duty in Germany.  Dave is our expert on winter camping and survival, as well as being our emergency medical consultant for the many outdoor activities participated in by the Wilderness School.

Amber Eardman
Adventure Guide

Amber works for Continental Airlines and is a member of the Air Force Reserve in Oklahoma.  She is our equestrian consultant and oversees the handling of the horses we use on the trail during The Great Race. 


"Look deep, deep, deep into nature... then you will understand everything better."

Albert Einstein                                           

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